Tapping The Source

The voice is sexy, strong and evocative.  The songs tumble forth a pure stream of focused consciousness.  This is BOCA, a truly gifted songwriter whose evolving life-journey has led her to dive deeply into music’s vast waters.

Songwriting for BOCA is a direct channel to the heart.  To enter the realm of musical creation, for her, is to tap an endless flow of inspiration. “Songwriting keeps me honest. I deal with raw emotion, the intricacies of life, and share it through music. That’s where the strength and power is.”

Boca’s creative strength lies in her intuitive approach.  When she writes, she allows herself to ‘receive the music’ and listens on many levels to how the music is prodding her.  It is through the ‘stirring of her soul’ she is lead to the final result.  “It isn’t always an easy process” she laments “It depends on what I am being compelled to depict, sometimes I feel so exposed but this is my role as an Artist.  To be true… how powerful and cathartic that can be.  Sometimes, a song is the only friend you have, this sentiment is at the core of my songwriting”. Boca’s music touches on so many themes central to the human experience. Each song is imbued with her fiery, yet subtle energy.

A unique Artist BOCA blends elements of blues and jazz into an organic , soulful mix.  The songs are the jewels from the treasures of her soul.